Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Buyer Engagement in B2B Sales

Picture this: you're conducting a grand orchestra, where every instrument perfectly tunes into a delightful symphony. Only here, instead of musicians, you're dealing with a variety of buyers in the complex world of B2B sales. In our last blog post, we chatted about 'why' getting the entire buying committee onboard matters. Now, let's dive deeper into the 'how', giving you a step-by-step guide to mastering the art of B2B sales, treating each buyer like a unique instrument in your orchestra.

Making Each Conversation Count: The Right Questions for Each Buyer

In B2B sales, one-size-fits-all doesn't cut it. Picture a group of 6 to 10 decision-makers, each with a unique perspective and role to play. Gartner tells us that's what the typical buying group looks like. It's no wonder, then, that each buyer demands a personalized touch.

Here's how to get every type of buyer in a tech startup hooked, with the right questions:

Economic Buyer, CFO:

  1. "How does project overrun impact your bottom line?"
  2. "How much value would a streamlined project management process add to your financial health?"
  3. "Could we put a number on how much missed deadlines cost your business?"

User Buyers, Project Managers:

  1. "What's the biggest hurdle you face with your current project management system?"
  2. "How could features like real-time collaboration or automated scheduling simplify your daily work?"
  3. "How does your dream project management tool look, and how can it turbocharge your team's productivity?"

Technical Buyer, CTO:

  1. "Are you seeking any specific integrations with your existing systems?"
  2. "How do our tool's technical features complement your IT infrastructure?"
  3. "What are the non-negotiable technical requirements for any tool you adopt?"

Champion, Supportive Project Manager:

  1. "How can we best demonstrate our tool's value to other stakeholders?"
  2. "Can we brainstorm some objections we might face and how we can tackle them?"
  3. "How can our tool transform the current project management process in your eyes?"

Influencers, Senior Management:

  1. "How does a better project management system align with your big picture?"
  2. "Do you see any potential benefits our tool might bring to other departments?"
  3. "Can you share your long-term vision for improving project management in your company?"


Handing Out the Right Menus: Catering to Each Buyer's Content Appetite

Understanding your audience helps you serve content that resonates. Think of it like handing out personalized menus to each type of buyer:

  • Economic Buyer: Treat them to ROI calculations, case studies showing cost savings, and cost-benefit analyses.
  • User Buyer: Serve up product demos, user guides, and testimonials from fellow users.
  • Technical Buyer: Dish out technical spec sheets, data security details, and API docs.
  • Champion: Give them a comprehensive platter of product details, including features and benefits.
  • Influencer: Offer them a high-level overview of your company and product, industry trends, and strategic benefits.

Creating True Partnerships: Making MAPs Really Mutual and Accurate

Let's face it, Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) can sometimes feel like a shopping list you've been handed without your input. They're frequently inaccurate because the sellers don't engage the whole buying team before building them. Here's how you can make your MAPs both mutual and accurate:

1. Get Everyone Onboard: Bring all players to the table before chalking out the MAP. It'll help you get buy-in and nail your timelines.


2. Draft the Plan Together: Welcome buyers to pitch in when drafting the MAP. It'll foster a sense of ownership and ensure everyone's on the same page.


3. Be Flexible: Remember, things change. Keep your MAP agile to adapt to shifting priorities or roles.


Why Choose DealPad?

Think of DealPad as your AI-powered conductor's baton. We don't just offer a sales platform; we promise to revolutionize how you sell:

  • AI-Powered Insights: DealPad uses AI to guide you through each deal, offering real-time recommendations and insights.
  • Centralized Platform: With DealPad, bid adieu to scattered emails and lost conversations. We house all your communications, materials, and stakeholders in one place.
  • Track Engagement: Know when and how your buyers interact with your content. Serve up the right content at the perfect moment, smoothing their journey.

With the right questions, personalized content, and collaborative MAPs, you can be the maestro of your B2B sales symphony. Ready to wave the baton and change the way you sell? Give DealPad a whirl today.